Leader: Terry Doman

Nine members joined the leader in the Box Selwyn Hall car park on a cold but bright spring Sunday morning. A safety brief was given before we proceeded to the adjacent ‘Rock Circus’. This is a circle of stones from various parts of this country, which represent our geology. It is about 20 feet in diameter and has 8 blocks of waist-high stone. A display board explains the age of each piece and what part of our country they came from. We then walked to the Box Mill for a short explanation of how it worked and why there is now a sound recording studio at the rear, was given.

At the bridge the By Brook was in full spate due to recent rains. The flood plain meadows were very muddy but we saw Red Kite, Common Buzzard, Mallard, Moorhen, Mute Swan and Treecreeper. As we returned near the end of the walk, there was a call from Tom Rogers – Kingfisher! We rushed to join him and in the brook we could also see Dipper and Grey Wagtail, which was a delightful way to finish the walk. Total bird species count was 33.

Terry Doman